Truck Driver's Job | CDL Jobs Trucking ApplicationsThere is no better voice than the voice of experience when it comes to truck driver's jobs, also known as CDL jobs. After all, while anyone can be taught to drive one of the big rigs, there is a culture and life among those who ride the long rides; there are things which can only be taught from someone who has been there and learned how to cope with being away from home for extended periods of time. Simply put, trucking jobs have their own history and traditions, and you'll find subtle differences among the various types of truck driving jobs and within the overall industry.

So how do I learn about truck driver's jobs?

Often, a company will pair you with an existing driver once you are hired to help you through your first few jobs with the company. Obviously, if you are coming to them as a contractor with prior experience or an independent owner/operator, you already have all the experience and knowledge that you need. As a newer driver, however, it will be the other driver's responsibility to teach you the various tips and tricks they have learned towards making their life significantly easier while on the road handling truck driver's jobs.

For the person who is not yet in the industry, however, this can seem incredibly daunting, and something of a Catch-22. After all, most companies only want to hire people who already have experience – and yet, it is nearly impossible to get the experience without being able to get a job. Therefore, we offer an amazing collection of articles and blogs written by active drivers regarding both the industry and their ability to not only survive, but thrive among it.

We live in an information-based world, and further, a world based on social media. Even the trucking industry can make use of that social media to spread as much information as needed to anyone looking to move into the industry.

So how do I move into these types of jobs?

The main thing that you will need is a commercial driver's license, which certifies to you to be able to drive the larger trucks that often come with the trucking industry. From there it is a matter of doing research based on the blogs and articles we provide to help you determine what types of jobs you would be interested in, based on your desired pay, ability to travel, and desired benefits. provides one of the best networking tools in the entire trucking industry for someone looking to build their future career working in truck driver's job.