Trucking Companies in FloridaTrucking companies in Florida are pretty common, but what are the things you should be looking for if you want to work for one? The life of a trucker is not easy, it involves a lot of time and effort, it requires hard work and more dedication than almost any other career. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made and anyone looking for trucking jobs will have to balance those sacrifices with what their employer is able to provide in return.

There are a few things that are very important to keep in mind.

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Home time is something you should be asking trucking companies in Florida about when you are looking to work for them. Some companies offer three days off for every three weeks of driving, which means that you would have to work for nearly a month to get a few days rest at home. The trade off is that the more you work, the more you will get paid, and these sorts of jobs tend to have higher salaries. That being said, some companies offer every weekend off, but that is less driving that is being done as a result.

It is important when you look at truck driving jobs to know how much you actually want to work and how important it is to be back home for various periods. 

Look At The Big Picture

Benefits also come into play when looking at trucking companies in Florida. Does this company offer paid holidays? How about paid vacations? Life insurance and medical insurance can also be worth looking into, especially if you have a family that would be covered by your plan. But even in those cases, knowing what sorts of plans are offered, what kind of coverage to expect, and how expensive that coverage would be can play a vital role in what Florida trucking company that you want to work with.

Do not forget to consider mileage pay when thinking about working for trucking companies in Florida. Mileage is a balancing act where you have to look not only at how much you are paid per mile, but what the average number of miles you will be running per week. Fifty cents a mile sounds pretty great, but if you are only getting about 2,000 miles a week, that does not really amount to much, especially if you have an option of thirty eight cents per mile with 3,500 miles to work on. Mileage pay offered should fit you and what you think you can handle. provides a number of listings for carriers around the country that offer all sorts of mileage options and benefits packages, so you will have plenty of options to find the trucking companies in Florida that fit your needs.

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