Trucking Companies That Train DriversThere are a number of driving schools and trucking companies that train drivers out there. Right now is a very good time to be a driver since there is such a demand for the position, so many people who are out of work have been flocking to companies that will help them get their CDL license and start working truck driving jobs. Sometimes this CDL training is a genuine offer that will provide people with valuable skills. Sometimes it’s a scam that locks people into trucking jobs that they don’t want. The trick when searching for trucking companies that train drivers is to know exactly what to look for.

Identifying Trucking Companies That Train Drivers

Some of the best ways to tell the difference between quality trucking companies that train drivers and a scam is by paying very close attention to the fine print. Trucking companies will sometimes hide requirements for the type of CDL jobs you’ll have to work, the length of employment, or hidden fees that they don’t mention up front.

It is not unreasonable to expect that investing in a driver should provide a benefit for the company, but the quantity of the return that is borne by the driver is negotiable. Sometimes this means that you are under contract to work for the company for a certain length of time or do a certain number of CDL jobs, and will have to pay a prorated amount to compensate for your training if you leave before fulfilling that obligation. This time frame can be anywhere from a couple of months to several years, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

In some cases, part of your check may be withheld to pay for your training once you’ve completed it. This amount may be variable depending on who you’re working for, and many companies will give new hires that have been trained additional trucking jobs to not only help them pay off the training quicker, but to see what they can do under pressure.


Some truck driving jobs come with training to get various endorsements. You can even find some of them listed here on In cases like that, it’s best to balance the difficulty in getting the endorsement on your own against what you would have to pay and how detailed the training is. Often, endorsement tests are concerned with just the very basics, and your company is expected to train you the rest of the way.

If you’re just looking to start out in the industry, we have a number of listings for trucking companies that train drivers. Check them out today and get started on your way to a career in the trucking industry.

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