USA Trucking JobsTrucking is an exciting career choice. Whether you love exploring picturesque landscapes and highways across the country or you’re proud to boost the economy by hauling goods across the country, trucking is a great job for you. From experienced truckers looking for their next employee to first-time drivers, here are some steps you need to take before you can find the right USA trucking jobs for you. 

Obtain Your CDL License 

Driving professionally requires a CDL license. These professional driver’s licenses come in three basic classes. A Class A CDL is the most flexible license for commercial drivers. This allows you to drive nearly any combination of commercial vehicles across the nation. Class B licenses are slightly less permissive but still authorize you to drive a variety of trucks and buses. Finally, Class C licenses are typically reserved for small passenger vans and other smaller commercial vehicles.

The best way to obtain your CDL is through a licensed truck driving school. This gives you the best chance of receiving a great starting wage at any USA truck jobs. However, some companies are willing to hire and train inexperienced drivers who are willing to be licensed to drive. 

Add Endorsements

Even with a Class A CDL license, you still may not have access to all the available trucking jobs. Consider adding an endorsement to your license for more flexibility. Endorsements allow you to drive specialized cargo locally or nationally, including:

  • Hazardous materials
  • Tanker truck
  • Double or triple trailer
  • Passengers
  • School bus

You can expect to enjoy a higher pay rate per hour or per mile when you’re endorsed to drive a specialized cargo. Consider receiving multiple endorsements to give you access to any driving jobs available. 

There are many USA trucking jobs available that don’t require an endorsement, so don’t let a lack of endorsements keep you from applying. Once you’ve started a job, you can consider adding endorsements to your license in order to broaden your range of work.

Browse jobs based on endorsements or licenses required. Consider positions that will train and certify you, or only apply to jobs that require you already have a CDL license and experience as a truck driver. 

Owner-Operator or Employee 

Experienced truck drivers may own their own rig or be considering starting their own trucking company. If you have a personal truck, you can contract work as an owner-operator. Otherwise, you’ll be hired as an employee of a major trucking company.

Starting your own business can give you the freedom and flexibility to take the jobs you want and speak directly to your clients. However, an employee typically enjoys greater benefits such as retirement, paid days off or insurance coverage. If you’re just starting out as a professional truck driver consider working for a company who will supply your rig in order to reduce your financial risk.

The Advantage of Experience 

If you’re lucky enough to have extensive experience in the industry, you can enjoy a wide selection of truck driving jobs with great pay and competitive benefits. While many trucking companies are willing to train new drivers and even offer CDL courses, the most lucrative jobs with the best benefits are reserved for experienced drivers.

Drivers with a clean driving record and history of safe driving have a competitive application for the best trucking positions in the country. Whether you own your own truck or are looking to work for an established company, you’ll find a wide selection of jobs that fit your needs.

From first-time truckers to lifelong experts in the industry, there are many trucking positions available across the United States. Despite economic hardships in other industries, truck drivers enjoy a great demand for their services. Work in an industry that is always looking for experienced, motivated and talented drivers. 

Start Your Application 

After you’ve completed your CDL and have experience on the road, applying is a fast and efficient process. Use our extensive database of trucking jobs to locate a job that matches your credentials and fits your needs. Don’t spend hours searching through multiple websites and job boards but take advantage of the extensive database of trucking jobs at today.

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