Why CDLjobs? We provide results!

We have a warped perspective on driver recruitment advertising...we believe it should provide RESULTS that you can actually measure.

We believe you should be able to track exactly how many professional truck drivers choose to read specific information about your trucking company and the truck driving jobs you have available, how many of those drivers are interested enough to apply to your trucking company, and how many matched driver leads this information generates.

We also believe that you should be able to tell the number of drivers who clicked through to call your recruiting line or sent you an email from your trucking company profile page.

We believe it so much that it’s what we do for our clients every single day.

The premise is simple. You will receive MATCHED DRIVER LEADS sent in real time from truck drivers who have chosen to apply to your company.


This is a driver who has matched the following hiring criteria of your job openings:

  • Location
  • Driver Type
  • Minimum Age
  • Experience Level
  • Trailer Experience
  • License Endorsements
  • Moving Violation / Accident Requirements

In addition to our matched driver leads program, we offer direct marketing options in the form of an e-mail blast or a text blast.

E-mail blasts are offered and sent to over 26,000 subscribers who have expressed their interested in learning about the latest job opportunities in the world of trucking.

If you have any questions about the mission of CDLjobs.com or how we can help you reach qualified pre-screened matched driver leads, please contact us with your questions. You may also want to review our 2021 Media Kit.


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