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Does it cost anything to submit an application for truck driving jobs using CDLjobs.com? No, our simplified, safe, and secure application service is FREE to truck drivers seeking CDL jobs. Visit us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I save my truck driving job application information for future use? No, for your security, we have elected not to save your application data for future use. We have made our truck driving application so simple and easy to complete that there is no need for you to remember yet another user ID and password in our digital world! Please feel free to visit often for your employment needs!

Is my information secure online? Yes, your information is secured by QuickSSL utilizing 128-bit SSL certificates thereby offering the highest level of encryption and security possible.

Does CDLjobs.com sell my truck driving job information to other sources? Absolutely not. Information security and your privacy are extremely important to us. We want to help you find truck driving jobs while respecting your security and privacy. Your information goes directly to and ONLY to the carriers you select. If you would like more detail, please review our privacy policy.

How soon will my truck driving job application reach the trucking companies I selected? Once you hit the submit button, your application is immediately sent directly to the companies you chose. Sent in real time, your information is typically received within minutes, if not seconds.

How soon can I expect trucking companies to start contacting me after applying for the truck driving jobs I chose? Response times vary from company to company. Some will reply within 10 minutes, and some local truck driving jobs may take 24 to 48 hours to contact you.

Not all of the companies I applied to for a truck driving job have contacted me, why not? The most common reason is that your driving experience did not match the minimum hiring criteria for some of the companies you selected. For example, a company offering dedicated truck driving jobs may not hire out of the state where you reside.

How can I get up-to-date information about the trucking industry? To learn more about new CDL jobs and news in the trucking industry, follow CDLjobs.com social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In. You may also contact us to have your email address added to our e-newsletter mailing list. No worries....We DO NOT spam you with email or sell your email address to anyone!

How do I search for truck driving jobs on your site? At CDLjobs.com there are multiple ways to find trucking jobs, both generalized and specific!