How much do truck drivers usually make in a year?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage for a heavy and tractor-trailer truck driver in 2019 was $45,260 ($21.76 per hour). However, this can vary significantly depending on the type of work you are performing. For example, an over-the-road truck driver makes on average $63,888 per year.

What are the highest paying truck driving jobs?

Typically, the highest paying trucking jobs are the ones with the most challenging cargo types. For example, hazardous liquids, oversized loads and specialty car hauling truck drivers all tend to be better compensated than average. Drivers working on ice roads or in hazardous environments such as mines are all among the highest paid.

Typically, the most lucrative (but also financially risky) way to make money as a truck driver is to be an owner-operator. Highly successful independent truckers can make more than $200,000 per year.

Can I make more than $100k per year driving trucks?

Yes, it is possible to make more than $100,000 per year. While the average truck driving salary is lower than this, drivers who take on challenging or dangerous jobs can make six figures after several years of experience. Additionally, owner-operators can exceed this if they get consistent jobs.

Which states have the most truck driving jobs?

According to the BLS, Texas, California and Florida have the highest employment of heavy and tractor-trailer truck driving jobs. Of course, these are also some of the most populous states. Using the location quotient (an evaluation of employment density), Arkansas, Nebraska and Wyoming are first.

Trucking Industry FAQs

What is the best way to stay informed about the trucking industry and trucking jobs?

The best way to stay up to date about the trucking industry and current jobs is through You can check our website regularly and/or follow us on social media. Check out our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to get the latest news. Alternatively, go to our contact us page and sign up for our newsletter. We only share high-value news for CDL industry members.

What trucking companies are currently hiring?

The best way to find companies that are currently hiring for trucking jobs is to check out the trucking job listings on You can filter by zip code, trailer type, job type and more.

Are there a lot of jobs in the trucking industry?

Yes! According to the BLS, there were 1,958,800 trucking jobs in 2018. They also projected that this number would grow by 5% (an average rate) between 2018 and 2028. With a shortage of truck drivers, there are almost always opportunities available to drivers. Job Application FAQs

What is the cost of using to find a job?

There is no fee for using to search for or apply to a job. Our website is simple, safe and secure. Plus, it is available 24/7 at no charge to trucking job seekers.

Do I need to sign up for

No, unlike most job sites, is designed to be simple and easy to complete without an account. You don’t need to remember yet another username and password. Simply find a job listing that interests you, enter your information and hit submit. It couldn’t be easier!

Is my job application data saved for future use?

No, we do not save your application information for later use. This is an intentional choice to help maximize security. In fact, you don’t even need to log in. Just open an application and complete it. We will send your information directly to the company or companies that you choose.

When will my application reach the company I applied to?

As soon as you hit submit, your information will be sent along to the companies you chose. It will be received by them as soon as the internet will allow (typically minutes or even seconds).

Different companies have their own review processes. Some may look at your application as it comes in, and some will take a few days to review your application.

When should I expect to start hearing from companies I have applied to?

Response times can vary depending on the company. However, most companies working with are prompt to get back to applications. Some do so in as little as 10 minutes. Others may take between 24 and 48 hours to respond.

I haven’t heard from some companies I applied to, why not?

Unfortunately, not every company you apply to will get back to you. Typically, this is because your application does not match the criteria they are looking for. For example, they may only be hiring in-state drivers or they may be looking for someone with more experience than you. General FAQs

How does keep my information secure?

We take security very seriously at To help protect your information, we have created an application process that doesn’t require an account. This way, a cybercriminal cannot access your personal information by breaking into your account like on some other websites.

Additionally, we encrypt all your information as it is being sent from your browser to the hiring companies. Using QuickSSL’s 128-bit SSL certificates, we provide a high level of encryption and security.

How do I search for trucking jobs on

We make searching for jobs easy on There are several ways that you can find currently available trucking jobs:

  • Head to the Trucking Jobs page and search by zip code, or use the advanced filters to find the right openings for your needs.
  • Explore the Trucking Companies page to find carriers that are currently hiring drivers in your state.
  • Look at the profile of a specific trucking company that you are interested in. Use the dropdown filters on the Trucking Companies state pages to find the one you want.

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