class a driversToday, the United States is experiencing a severe Class A commercial driver shortage. The demand is so high that experienced drivers with good driving history now have the upper hand. Trucking companies across the US are competing for their Class A driving skills and experience. As a driver, this means you have a chance to land the Class A CDL jobs of your dreams.

The Trucking Industry Also Needs New Drivers

Some people like to work at the same place and do the same job every day. If this describes you, then the lifestyle of a commercial truck driver may not be well suited for you. Like all jobs, being a truck driver has pros and cons. As a driver, you can expect that Class A driving:

  • Pays much better than most jobs
  • Allows more freedom than most jobs
  • Requires you to accept more responsibility than most jobs
  • Tends to be lonelier than most jobs
  • Can be more dangerous than most jobs
  • Allows you to see more of the world than in most jobs

Most importantly, you can expect the job to infect you with love for the open road. You will go places and see things that you would never see any other way. Once you’ve adopted the lifestyle of a truck driver, you won’t ever want to go back.

If you are thinking about becoming a Class A commercial driver, be aware that it requires education, training, testing and licensing.

Make Friends With Technology

Updates to trucking technology have transformed the industry. It changed the way that the companies operate. It changed the vehicle inspection process. It changed the way that customers order service. If technology isn’t already working for you, now would be an excellent time to get on board.

As a driver, you probably already know other drivers who are taking advantage of technology. They have internet-capable smartphones and tablets to organize their professional and personal lives. Here are just a few of the tasks that this technology makes possible.

  • Keep in touch with everyone. Almost everyone uses email, texts, or both. These tools may also help keep in touch with your employer when you’re out on the road.
  • Use the internet to find your next job. Trucking companies list Class A CDL jobs with, a central job site that makes it easy for drivers to seek, compare and apply for driving jobs.
  • Perform other tasks. You can store and update your resume. You can store work-related documents and photos. You can take pictures and file reports. Combine these features with the others and you have a powerful communication tool.

Keep Your Resume up to Date

If the perfect job opportunity came along right now, would you be ready to apply? You don’t ever want to be in a position where you first need to update your resume. Keep it up to date and you will be ready to jump on the next great opportunity that comes your way.

Become a New Class A Commercial Driver

It’s important to point out that commercial driving is not for everyone. You will often work alone. You will drive a large truck carrying many tons of cargo through heavy traffic, in difficult terrain or over long distances. You must make sure that your vehicle is safe and capable of passing a DOT inspection. You will be responsible for knowing and following all the state and federal commercial driving regulations. There is very little room for error.

Find a Reputable School

If you are still interested in a career in the trucking industry and have a good driving record, begin by finding the right truck driving school or company-sponsored CDL training. You want a program that will take you through the entire process. That includes helping you get your first job. Check the school’s reputation and speak to any graduates that you can find to learn about their training experience.

Search Class A CDL Jobs

On, Class A CDL drivers can narrow job results for driving jobs by state, driver type, or trailer type. Then drivers complete one online application which is sent immediately for all relevant positions. This safe and secure process saves you time and energy in your job search.

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