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Overview of Hauling Jobs

In the trucking industry, truck driving jobs are primarily sorted by the type of truck you drive and the range of your run. These types of classifications can be based on your CDL, or Commercial Drivers License, which determines the overall weight class of truck that you can drive. Trucking companies look for a wide variety of drivers, and so you can easily choose the CDL jobs that work for you.

One of the most often looked-for CDL jobs that is done within the confines of the city is driving large construction trucks, such as a cement mixer. Because these local driver jobs are often same-day tasks – that is, you drive the truck out in the morning and back in the evening – they give you the most amount of time at home. Unfortunately, these jobs also tend to pay the least.

Other hauling jobs can involve regional travel – trucking runs between cities or to and from regional distribution centers. Because these jobs can take you away from home for days at a stretch, they do tend to pay more. These jobs involve being able to be independent – driving on your own, knowing when to stop for rest, and knowing the right places to stop in order to keep yourself and your rig safe.

Finally, one type of trucking task involves driving across the country. While these jobs pay the most, they are also the most disruptive to your life because of how long you will be on the road and away from your home base. If you’re able to be away for that extended period of time, however, these cross-country hauls can also be the most profitable type of jobs to be found.

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