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For drivers that are interested in limiting the distance from home that they have to drive on a regular basis, regional driving jobs offer an attractive alternative to national and OTR jobs. While OTR jobs can seem glamorous and exciting, it may not be the best fit for you. In many cases, drivers prefer to take jobs that keep them closer to home. Regional driving jobs combine the excitement of traveling regularly with the ability to be close to home when you need to be. There are many regional driving jobs available if you are interested, and they offer many of the same benefits as OTR jobs, including similar compensation packages.  

What to Expect

Before you choose a regional driving job and company, it is important to do your due diligence research on the company first. Like many other jobs, the quality of your experience depends on the company that you work for. In many cases, having a successful career and enjoying your work depends on choosing the company that is the best fit for you and your work needs.

Each employer is different in several key ways including their policies, onboarding procedures, company culture, compensation, and employee expectations. When you do your research, start by looking at the reputation of each company. Companies with good reputations in the industry often have a long history of being good to employees, customers, and their competition. You can also collect information from each company’s website, or by calling the company’s office directly to speak with someone. If you can find an employee of the company that regularly takes regional driving jobs, that’s even better since he or she can tell you what you can expect your job to be like from personal experience.

Be sure to investigate the pay rates and methods for each company that you want to apply to. With variations in how companies compensate their employees, there is a chance that a particular method of payment will not work for you. Find hard evidence about payments before applying to the company. It the payment method won’t work for you, then nothing else that the company could offer can make it a job worth taking. Knowing what the payment terms look like also lets you negotiate a better rate when you apply.

How to Get Started

You can begin your regional driving job search through to see detailed information about each available position from a range of companies. compiles as much information about each company from different sources and tries to identify the best companies and jobs for each candidate. You can find jobs that fit your specific requirements or branch out a bit to see what is available. The key to successfully finding the right CDL job is to apply to a range of them. That way, you are not limiting your potential success at finding the right job for you.

Top 8 Regional Driving Jobs

Finding the right company to drive for is an important part of finding the best job for you. compiles jobs from many of the leading drivers and can show you what you need to know about each of these companies. Here is a look at some of the leading CDL companies that you can get regional driving jobs from.

Anderson Trucking Services: Anderson Trucking Services is regarded as one of the best trucking companies to work for because of its focus on the quality of the working environment for drivers. The company invests in the most up-to-date equipment to make the work easier and more comfortable, Drivers also benefit from a range of employee-focused options including health insurance plans and the ability to earn extra income through fuel, signing, and safety bonuses.

Crete Carrier: Drivers that work for Crete Carrier benefit from a focus on providing employees with the benefits and training that they need to be successful. Crete has an apprenticeship program for former military personnel making the transition into civilian life. The company also has some of the leading CSA scores making it one of the safest companies to work for.

Heartland Express: Heartland Express is another leading company that is focused on giving employees that best benefits and technology available. Its truck fleet consists of vehicles made in 2015 or later that undergo strict maintenance and repair cycles to keep them in top condition. Heartland also raised its pay for drivers again in recent years making it easier for employees to earn the income that they are looking for.

Hogan Transports: Hogan Transports has policies that make it a great place to work for. The company has had an open-door policy with its drivers from the beginning, making it possible to grow with the company and find new ways of expanding your options.

J.B. Hunt: Working for J.B. Hunt also that you can choose from a variety of jobs and job types. If you want to try the different job types, then you can transition between J.B. Hunt’s divisions easily. You can also dedicate yourself to a specific field and grow with the company to be a leading contributor.

Roehl Transportation, Inc.: Roehl Transportation, Inc. operates on a national scale. That means that you can work as a local driver, then transfer to different parts of the country. If your family relocates often, then Roehl offers the right set of benefits for you to stay with the company and continue to grow.

Schneider: Schneider has one of the largest fleets in the country, which means that there are plenty of jobs to choose from. You’ll also have your pick of equipment that fits your needs and can make each job easier.

SOAR Transportation Group: SOAR Transportation Group tries to fit each job to the appropriate driver based on a variety of factors. For examples, some jobs can pay more based on your experience and you can still be paid regardless of the load (or the lack of one) that you are transporting. With a variety of pay options, you can find the one that works best for you.

TransAm Trucking, Inc.: TransAm Trucking, Inc. focuses its efforts on refrigerated jobs. If you have experience with refrigeration trucks, then it may be the best company for you to work for.

USA Truck: USA Truck has a long history of being a good company to work for based on its reputation and the way that it treats its employees. It offers a variety of pay benefits such as vacation and longevity bonuses so that you can earn more even while you are away.

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