auto haulerThe transportation industry is booming and there are plenty of opportunities to find work as a car hauler. This type of trucking job can be very lucrative and advantageous thanks to the specialized skill set required to work in the field.

A car hauler is a type of trucker than focuses on automotive transport. As the name suggests, the job involves hauling cars from one location to another. This can include passenger vehicles, commercial trucks and more.

Car hauler jobs can include carrying new and used vehicles to dealerships. It can also include making deliveries to residences either as a delivery from a manufacturer or as part of a private transaction.

The duties include safely loading and unloading the vehicles as well as transporting them along the route. Like many other trucking jobs, car haulers must place a significant emphasis on load management, weight regulations and safety standards. Since automobiles cannot always be loaded as efficiently as other cargo, drivers need training and practice to learn to drive a car carrier trailer.

How to Become a Car Hauler

Almost all car hauler jobs require a Class A CDL. A small number of short-haul jobs may be possible with a Class B or Class C.

Depending on the trucking company, you may need some experience. It can be helpful to get at least two years of over-the-road experience before trying to become a car hauler, especially if you are interested in long-haul routes. Getting used to long-haul driving before starting with car carrier trailers will help you to handle them more effectively once you start to learn.

Finally, it is essential to get training in car hauling. Some employers will offer this training to anyone with the appropriate CDL. Others will offer it to experienced truckers who want to transition to working as car haulers. Depending on where you work and the current opportunities, you may want to pursue training and certification through a truck driving school. Having previous training can help you to land more lucrative jobs in the field.

Advantages of Working in Car Transport

For many truck drivers, working as a car hauler can be a very advantageous job. Car haulers typically earn more per year than general cargo truckers driving similar routes. Pay can be based on salary, load percentage or rate-per-mile depending on the opportunity you follow. The best-compensated car haulers tend to be owner-operators.

Another advantage of working as a car hauler is that you can choose the type of driving that works for you. This specialty has both short and long routes. So, you can decide to stay closer to home if you so choose.

Furthermore, it is likely that the need to move vehicles around will continue to be a major aspect of the trucking industry. More and more manufacturers are offering at-home vehicle delivery. So, this means more opportunities for car haulers. With the right training and experience, you could find yourself in consistent demand.

Job Opportunities for Car Haulers

There are always opportunities for car haulers. Although the new car market has begun to taper off, there is increased activity around used cars. Plus, fleet and commercial buyers are always making new purchases. Therefore, you can consistently find jobs if you are an experienced car hauler.

There are both short-haul and long-haul jobs available in this sector. So, if you want to stay close to your home and family, you can find work that will enable you to do so. As with other types of trucking, over-the-road routes tend to be the most lucrative and provide an opportunity to see the country.

Find Car Hauler Jobs Online

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