CDL Local Jobs | Truck Driving Job ApplicationsOne of the easiest ways to get into the trucking industry is through CDL local jobs. While many people may look for truck driving jobs with the idea of being on the road for weeks at a time, often, people get into the industry by working local jobs. Trucking companies are almost always looking for people to fill in those local jobs as drivers gain more experience and move on to longer routes or larger trucks. With, you can get connected to a large number of local companies that need your services – or are willing to train you as a new driver.

Why Do CDL Local Jobs Help Me as a New Driver?

Simply put, driving the large rigs on cross country routes requires an exceptional amount of skill and planning, both in terms of the job itself as well as handling the vehicle. Often, new drivers will start on smaller trucks to gain the experience with CDL local jobs that trucking companies are offering.

New drivers can excel at working these local routes because the trucks are not as large as cross country rigs. For example, local CDL jobs might involve something as simple as driving a delivery truck, or as large as driving a cement mixer to and from a construction site.

How Does Help? is a free website through which companies and drivers can connect with each other. As a result, people looking for CDL local jobs, and truck driving jobs in general, can search for companies that meet their needs. Companies, likewise, can browse the candidate pool of drivers who have applied to them to find ones with the skills, experiences, and permits that they need.

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Furthermore, we offer an extensive library of information and articles on the trucking industry, which serves to help the novice gain more knowledge and the experienced driver refine their skills.

Local Work and Beyond

Just imagine that once you've started on CDL local jobs, you could move up and up in the trucking industry. With the knowledge and experience you gain from local routes, you can start to move up to regional ones, and from regional ones to interstate and cross country long haul routes.

While cross country long haul trucking does have a significant effect on your life and ability to spend time with your family, it is also the highest paying form of commercial trucking. Many people even end up owning their own rig through a lease or purchase program, becoming independent owner operators for both CDL local jobs and ones that take them across every road in the United States.