class b trucking jobsApplying for a truck driving job requires you to understand the various types of vehicles that you are permitted to operate and the type of commercial driver's license needed. Being in the know of such aspects will ensure you take up jobs based on your skills, rather than wasting time while scouting for work. Let’s take a look at class B CDL jobs and everything that you need to know about them.

What Are Class B CDL Jobs

Class B CDL jobs are jobs that require you to have a commercial driver's license to operate GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) vehicles with a weight of more than 26,000 lbs. Unlike the class A CDL, class B CDL vehicles are not hitched to a trailer. Drivers with class B licenses can also tow a vehicle that weighs 10,000 lbs. or less.

What to Expect With a Class B CDL

Understand your state's driving requirements. Different states have different age and physical requirements for class B CDL which you will be required to meet.

Get your CDL permit. A class B CDL permit comprises a written and driving test to evaluate your driver's knowledge. Finding a reputable truck driving school is crucial to getting a commendable CDL permit.

Get your endorsements. An endorsement gives you the authority to transport specific types of materials. These include hazardous items, tank and doubles or triples depending on your class qualifications. You can also get a passenger endorsement if you are interested in jobs leaning towards passenger commutes.

Inspection and maintenance. Upon getting your license, you will be required to maintain your vehicle in top condition to pass the DOT inspection. This will also come with a responsibility to understand federal commercial driving regulations based on your work area.

Benefits of Class B CDL Jobs


  • Competitive salary — Truck drivers can benefit from competitive wages, with the benefits better than most jobs.
  • Insurance — Insurance coverage can be hard to come by for entry-level employees, but not with truck driving. Employees of all levels typically receive insurance packages based on their needs and preferences.
  • Traveling adventures — The ability to travel to new territories is among the most loved benefits of truck driving. You get to enjoy the open road by yourself and venture into new areas within the 50 states.
  • Freedom — You are on your own over the road for the most part, only answering to your dispatcher when situations call for it.
  • Job security — The country is currently experiencing a commercial driver shortage, putting drivers in the lead seat of their careers. Once you get that driving job, you are assured of a stable career, given the high demand for this position.
  • Experience — Class B CDL jobs act as the bridge to getting class A CDL jobs, especially where age is the determining factor. As you await that class A job, build your skills by getting a class B CDL job to develop your behind-the-wheel experience.

Even with the above benefits, class B CDL drivers still need to be aware of the challenges that come with the job. You get more responsibility when dealing with class B CDL jobs as compared to other work engagements. You are in charge of the cargo you transport, requiring you to exercise caution.

What is the Age Requirement for a Class B license?

The minimum age to operate a Class B commercial vehicle varies from state to state, so you will need to research your state's specific age requirements. For example, some states may grant a Class B license at age 18; however, commercial vehicle operators are not permitted to cross state lines until they reach age 21.

Vehicles Requiring a Class B CDL

  • Box trucks
  • City buses
  • Dump trucks
  • Delivery trucks

Companies and Jobs Requiring a Class B CDL

  • Straight truck jobs
  • Dump truck jobs
  • Tourist bus jobs
  • Articulated bus jobs

Getting Class B CDL Jobs gives class B CDL drivers the chance to narrow down their job search with a quick and secure platform. Search for any job of your liking based on your state and CDL class qualification. Next, fill out a safe and secure online application and let send it immediately to employers that meet your needs. helps you save time and energy for your next job search.

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