Flatbed Driver Jobs | Search and Apply TodayAnyone who has worked flatbed driver jobs will tell you that it isn’t easy work by any stretch of the imagination. Some even say it presents some of biggest challenges to getting the job done right. That being said, there are some fantastic advantages for people who don’t mind a whole lot of physical labor as well as quite a bit of scrutiny as part of their truck driving jobs.

What Flatbed Driver Jobs Entail

Driving a flatbed is more than just loading a cargo on the truck and going. The first thing that most flatbed driver jobs involve is properly securing that cargo. This task can involve a number of straps and chains to meet Department of Transportation regulations, as well as crawling all over the truck to get it right. If something is particularly susceptible to the elements, you may also have to secure tarps to keep it safe. And of course, the end of these truck driving jobs means undoing all of those straps, chains, and tarps, sometimes in inclement weather where rain, snow, and ice can make it difficult at best.

Unlike other CDL jobs, flatbed trucking jobs require quite a bit more physicality. The climbing, crawling, lifting, and hauling that goes into securing and unloading a cargo is no picnic for people who aren’t already pretty strong and agile. It’s very easy, if you’re not careful, to fall off the rig or get a limb caught in shifting items.

Something else to keep in mind is that the extra room for error means that the DOT will often pay more attention to flatbeds than other types of trucks when it comes to weigh station inspections. It doesn’t take a whole lot for those loads to become unstable, so they’re much more careful about them, and you should be prepared for plenty of time answering questions and being inspected.

These added burdens are why trucking companies often will pay more for, or at least are on the lookout for, people who are both willing and able to do CDL jobs on a flatbed.

Who Wants to Do This Job?

Despite the problems, plenty of people jump at the chance to drive a flatbed. It’s a challenge that other types of trucking doesn’t offer, and for people who enjoy physical labor, it’s exactly the kind of thing they’re looking for. For people searching for jobs, trucking companies often give preference and benefits for driving flatbeds.

Take a look at CDLjobs.com for the sheer number of flatbed jobs available. A quick search will show plenty of companies that are looking for this particular skill.

So if you’re looking for a challenge and have the skill set that is in demand, search our website and apply for flatbed driver jobs today.

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