Long Haul Trucking | CDL Jobs Trucking ApplicationsLong haul trucking is an industry that attracts people from all walks of life. Many people are choosing this career to take advantage of the many benefits of the job. Trucking companies need good, qualified drivers, and they are willing to pay for them.

With more than 70% of the nation’s economy being delivered by trucks, more truckers will continue to be needed as the economy grows. With a national shortage of drivers, companies are willing to offer increased pay and bonuses. Companies will pay even more for safe and reliable drivers, because they can be hard to find. Long haul trucking drivers can earn more than some college graduates in some instances. Another bonus is that unlike many companies, truck drivers are usually guaranteed a pay raise as they add on years of experience.

Most trucking companies offer major benefits for their employees. Benefits for truck drivers can include medical, dental, vision, prescription medication coverage, life insurance, and retirement plans. Some companies offer their truckers paid vacation and holidays. The great benefits of trucking companies rival many large companies, even some in the Fortune 500 category. There is the added benefit of flexibility that comes with these truck driving jobs. Many companies offer flexible schedules and allow you to choose the load you carry. Some even let you bring children or pets with you to deliver a load.

Finding your perfect long haul trucking job

So now that you are sold on some of the benefits of these trucking jobs, you might ask yourself, “what now?” You have the choice of spending your valuable time looking in the newspaper classifieds for a job, or you can look through our website and find a large variety of respectable companies offering quality jobs. You can find the perfect job no matter what you are searching for.

Many companies will hire teams to carry their loads across the country. This is why there are now many married couples that are choosing this career. There is an added benefit to hauling large loads like this. You have the ability to see the country while earning a paycheck at the same time. Many people will never have the opportunity to see our beautiful states because their finances will not allow it. What better way to accomplish this dream than driving with a loved one and being able to take turns at the wheel? This allows for time to see the wonderful terrain you are traveling through. However, to make this lifestyle a reality you will first need to sift through the different companies to find the right fit for you. Let CDLjobs.com help you get started with your long haul trucking job search.