How to Find a Truck Driving Job in Your Area

truck driving companies hiringFinding a job as a truck driver might seem difficult, but there are plenty of companies willing to pay you to drive for them if you know where to look. Maybe you’ve already searched around. You typed in a quick Google search for “trucking jobs near me,” browsed the larger job boards, and might be looking for some more in-depth options that might help you find a trucking job. 

Where you search and the kind of job you’re looking for will depend on your level of experience, as well as what area you’re looking to work. There are a wide variety of truck driving jobs available, and most are flexible with their work schedules and provide benefits to drivers. 

As the proud holder of a CDL, you are one of the most employable people out there. Countless companies in countless industries are always looking for safety-conscious and reliable drivers to put behind the wheels of their big rigs. However, you might be having trouble with finding local truck driving jobs that won't saddle you with a long commute. Here are a few tips for finding a job that's close to home.

Finding a Trucking Job Near You

First off, before looking for a trucking job in your area, be sure you’ve met all the requirements to be hired. That means you’ve gotten your commercial driver’s license (CDL) by completing the following steps: 

  1. Obtaining a non-commercial driver’s license.
  2. Be 18 or older (21 or older in some states and if you will be crossing state lines).
  3. Obtain your commercial driver’s permit (CDP).
  4. Complete a CDL program.
  5. Pass the knowledge exam and skills test; certain exemptions to the skills test, such as active military and veterans with two years’ experience driving similar vehicles, can exempt you from the skills portion.

Certain states may have additional requirements to get your CDL, or certain restrictions barring applicants from obtaining a CDL. Make sure you’ve reviewed your state’s requirements before applying for your CDL. 

Many trucking schools have tuition reimbursement, financial aid, and other programs available to students who need it, so if you’re still on the road to your CDL, don’t let your financial situation get in the way! See what opportunities are out there for you. 

What to Look for in a Job Posting

Not all trucking jobs are created equal. When looking for a job as a driver, make sure you’re applying to a company that is open about their pay rates and looks out for their drivers by investing in safety

Most trucking job boards allow you to search by location, company type, trailer type, and driver type. Take advantage of these filters to narrow down the field as much as possible before starting your search. When browsing open positions, look for ads that have the following clearly listed: 

  • The name of the trucking company doing the hiring.
  • Expected salary (either yearly, per mile, or both).
  • What type of driver the company is looking for.
  • What kind of vehicle you’ll be driving. 
  • Bonuses like relocation pay, extra stop bonuses, safe driving bonuses, etc.
  • Benefits like health, dental, etc.

A lot of trucking companies today are adding incentives to bring in new drivers, so be sure to look around when applying to see which trucking job is the best fit for you. also lets truck drivers send their information directly to multiple trucking companies without browsing through hundreds of ads, if you already have a specific trucking company in mind. 

Don’t Forget to Network

Even though your best shot at finding local trucking jobs is online, that doesn't mean you shouldn't turn to other sources. Utilize your network. Your friends, family members, and casual acquaintances may work for or be close to companies that sometimes need to hire drivers. Spread the word that you're looking for a trucking job in your area, and you may be surprised by how many leads you get in return.

Find the Perfect Trucking Job

Now that you’ve got an idea of where to start, choose the most efficient method for you and start by sending out an online application! With a little time and dedication, you’ll hopefully have a job offer in no time.

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