Covenant  | Doug Smith

Doug Smith is Well Read and Well Versed in Trucking

June 13, 2024 Written by Kate Williams
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Darin and Matt visit with the Senior Director of Student Recruiting & School Partnerships at Covenant Transport, Doug Smith.

Show Notes:

Today's Guest: Doug Smith, Senior Director of Student Recruiting & School Partnerships - Covenant Transport

This Halloween Day-recorded episode starts with Beach talking about recycled toilet paper, photoshopped chickens, and stolen inflatable Halloween decorations without really taking a breath. Doug is an avid reader, and he talks about which books he thinks every Driver Recruiter should read right now.

Covenant Transport has a history going back more than 35 years, to founders David and Jacqueline Parker, who started the company in 1986 with 25 trucks and 50 trailers. It's a story of trucks, trailers and people crisscrossing all 50 states, and racking up millions of miles along the way.

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