Sadie Church Has Seen All Sides of Trucking

March 4, 2024 Written by Kate Williams
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Darin and Matt sit down with the Vice President of Driver Relations at Artur Express, Sadie Church. Sadie shares her experiences in trucking from working inside driver recruiting and several years working on the other side with a lead-generation website.


Today's Guest: Sadie Church, Vice President of Driver Relations - Artur Express

Sadie's experiences give her a unique perspective on the issues facing driver recruiters and how to solve them. They also discuss baseball, the Ozarks, car insurance, pink Volvos, the possibility of Beach bobblehead dolls, and Darin finally flusters Beach with the intro.

Artur Express has been operating since 1998 and has been growing steadily ever since. With more than 800 trucks, 250 teams and over 3,200 trailers, Artur provides services to 48 states while maintaining a high standard of personalized and professional service.

About Our Hosts: has been providing trucking companies pre-qualified driver leads through their lead generation website since 1999. Ten4 Recruiting has several services built to serve the recruiting needs a carrier may have, including driver sourcing, advertising, and database follow-up.