David Pike Makes Darin Disappear

March 4, 2024 Written by Darin Williams
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Darin and Matt are back with another DRHH Podcast. David Pike joins the show and talks about his start in trucking, how driver recruiting has changed over course of time, and shares some ideas to attract and retain new drivers.

As usual, it is mostly OFF topic and there are discussions on F1 vs. NASCAR, Schoolhouse Rock, losing vehicles at the Dallas Truck Show (no names), and things really take a turn for the better when Darin disappears for a while about halfway through. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

Today's Guest: David Pike - Director of National Recruiting at NFI Industries.

David began his career nearly 30 years ago as a Driver Recruiter with Heartland Express in Forest Park, Georgia, and has since served in several management positions with several nationwide carriers, including Stevens Transport, Central Transport, and CRST. David began his current position with NFI Industries in June 2021.