There are quite a few advantages of signing on with a small trucking company, but there can be disadvantages as well. In a small trucking company, the culture will be very different from that of a large carrier, where you may be satisfied with some level of anonymity being just a truck number.

On the other hand, If you want the small business feel and a more personal relationship between you and your boss, then a smaller trucking company is likely the place for you. It can be difficult to find open positions, but an Internet jobs board, such as, can help. Here is everything you need to know.

What It Means to Work for a Small Trucking Company

Small Trucking Companies HiringAlthough every company is unique, large trucking companies tend to have their operations down to a science. There are policies and procedures for everything from the hiring process to making suggestions to requesting time off. This can be a good thing if you thrive on structure, but it can also make you feel lost in the corporate machine.

In a small trucking company, everything tends to feel a bit more personal. You will probably be on a first-name basis with the owners and managers. You will likely be able to give feedback directly, and to explain your case for a raise or a vacation. If you like to feel like an integral part of the operation, a small trucking company may be for you.

The flip side is that small companies tend to hire as few employees as possible. This can make it tough to find an opening and, once you are hired, it may be difficult to take time off. You might feel the pressure that is common among small companies, where there is either too much work or not enough, and you might be called upon to perform duties outside your normal scope.

Fortunately, at most small trucking companies, you will know where you stand. If the work dries up, it is usually easy to see the writing on the wall and you will know when it is time to start looking for a new trucking job. In a large company, you may have no idea that layoffs are coming before they start.

Protecting Yourself in a Small Trucking Company Job

If you want to work for a small trucking company, it is vital to do your homework. Research each trucking company you are considering to ensure that it is legitimate and financially healthy. Set your boundaries early and stick to them rather than taking on more work than you can handle. Learning to stay healthy rather than making yourself sick or depressed is very crucial to your success as a truck driver.

Small Trucking Companies Looking for Drivers

While the decision of which carrier to choose is highly personal, here is a brief review of a few outstanding small trucking companies hiring drivers n the United States:

B&B Trucking is a Kalamazoo, Michigan, based freightload carrier. Their mission is to provide a work-life balance and they encourage their driving workforce to do the same. Drivers get home daily with local truck driving jobs at B&B.

Halvor Lines, named to the 2019 list of Best Fleets to Drive For, works with several trucking schools across the United States to help aspiring professional drivers to earn their commercial drivers license and become fleet drivers. Leading the way since 1968, growing from  35 tractors to 475, Halvor Lines continues to be family-owned and operates with a continued commitment to small company values of respect and dependability, while reinvesting in the communities where they operate.

Stallion Transportation is a close-knit group of talented people working together to provide first class service. Based in Arkansas and offering long-haul, regional, and dedicated trucking jobs, Stallion has something to offer every truck driver.

With over 150+ staff and professional drivers who have extensive experience in logistics, Star Transportation PA is a leader among south Florida motor carriers.  If you meet their strict driver qualifications and  can follow on the road safety, join the Star Transportation PA team today.

Hiring currently in Iowa and Michigan, Vine Line Produce Distribution is hiring Company drivers, Owner Operators, and Team Drivers to deliver its customers' produce to most of the Great Lakes region.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are in the market for a truck driving job at a small or large company, is your one-stop resource. Simply apply today, and watch the offers roll in from trusted trucking companies around the country.

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