Truck Lease Purchase | Search CDL JobsThe trucking industry is always growing; as a result, many people find themselves considering a truck lease purchase option. In terms of trucking jobs, there are really two major pathways – that of the company driver and that of the owner operator.

A company driver is someone who works for trucking companies and drives the company truck as an employee. An owner operator is someone who owns their own truck and can take contract truck driving jobs as they feel they need or can afford the time.

In either case, however, most people cannot afford to buy their own truck for long haul driving. As a company driver, you won’t have to worry about it; however, the end goal for many truckers is to end up on their own and with their own company, able to pick and choose their CDL jobs.

The Reasons Against Doing a Truck Lease Purchase

There are a variety of reasons to avoid getting your own truck and to remain a company driver. Working trucking jobs for a company, instead of doing a truck lease purchase, means having a sense of stability and safety. Much like working any other job, there are set hours, a set pay scale, and perhaps even a shift rotation so that you can get home to see your family on a regular basis.

Reasons That You Should Consider Leasing

For many people, the goal of trucking is to eventually be self-sufficient and own your own truck. Instead of having to drive on the company’s schedule and route, you get to pick your own and work when you want and how often you want in order to meet your budget needs.

Very few people, however, have the money just lying around to go out and buy a new car, let alone a long haul trucking rig. In part to answer this need, long haul companies often offer truck lease purchase agreements, where you can lease to own for a period of time, and then eventually own the vehicle. This arrangement is almost exactly like many other car lease to own processes, and involves a monthly payment, not unlike making a car payment on a loan, but at the end of the leasing period you can opt to purchase the truck.

With your own truck, you will no longer have to work for a truck company and can, instead, co-ordinate with them to take on contracts at a rate and pace you’re comfortable with working.

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