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midwest regional trucking jobsIf you like truck driving but prefer to stay closer to home, a regional driving job may be a good fit for you. Many regional drivers get weekends at home and more time with family and friends. A regional route is often consistent, with truckers driving the same route on a weekly or monthly basis.

Not as limiting as local routes, regional routes can be a happy medium between local and OTR trucking jobs. Midwest regional trucking jobs are particularly appealing as they cover a large section of the country.

The boundaries of a regional trucking jobs vary from company to company. Some companies have a fixed mile limit that you can drive from your home base, while others may provide predetermined routes or states. Most companies offer guaranteed home time, frequently in the form of five days of driving during the week and weekends off. Occasionally weekend deliveries may be required.

Top Midwest Regional Trucking Companies

There are dozens of trucking companies, from nationally known names to small family-owned operations. Some focus their business on the warmer, more arid southern half of the Midwest, while others have their drivers in the snow and ice of the northern great plains. Do your research and choose the one that meets your needs. Here are some of the best in the Midwest:

Bay & Bay Transportation. In business since 1941 and based in Eagen, Minnesota, Bay & Bay Transportation has drivers that cross from southern Minnesota down to Texas and east to southern Maine. They have regional, OTR, and local positions. An asset-based carrier with their own fleet of 500 trucks, they also serve as a Third Party Logistics Provider. There is a pet and rider program in place and a no forced New York City dispatch policy.

Design Transportation. Founded in Dallas, Texas, in 1989, Design Transportation is a smaller company with a family atmosphere. With about 100 trucks in the fleet, the managers know all the drivers by name. Design Transportation is a proud member of Women in Trucking and is committed to hiring and supporting women drivers.

Ozark Motor Lines. Memphis isn't just known for its blues and barbecue, it's the home of Ozark Motor Lines. This company operates terminal facilities in Lenoir, North Carolina, Maysville, Kentucky, Springfield, Missouri, and Lebanon, Tennessee. They hire both company drivers and owner operators. It is a family-oriented company, with a home-time policy, a rider program, and a pet program. They also offer tuition reimbursement for drivers who graduated from a certified truck driving school.

Roadrunner Freight. Part of a larger supply chain and logistics solutions company called Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Roadrunner Freight is the trucking branch of this Illinois-based business. You can be a company driver or owner-operator and choose OTR or local routes. This company prides itself on the support they give their drivers and the level of concern they have for each of their drivers' security and safety.

Wenger Truck Line. Based in Davenport, Iowa, Wenger guarantees that their regional drivers will never be farther away from home than a day's drive. Their region includes the states of Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, and Ohio. There are occasional relay runs to Nebraska. Most regional drivers get 36 to 48 hours at home on the weekend. In addition, Wenger gives drivers six paid vacation days a year and guarantees drivers will be home for Christmas.

West Side Transport. A family-run company, West Side Transport began in the late 1960s with a few pickup trucks and shovels. Today it is a large regional carrier with terminals in Iowa, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, and Michigan. They have two types of regional driver, Elite and Prime. The Prime drivers are guaranteed to be home every weekend, while the Elite drivers are not. Elite drivers do make more money for their harder schedule. The majority of the freight is drop and hook.

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