If National Carriers Inc. (NCI) were NASCAR, Stephen Dixon would be Kyle Busch. He may not have won the 2019 Cup, but Dixon accomplished something just as rare: winning NCI’s Driver of the Year Award. In this annual truck driving “race”, high speed on a track gets you nowhere. Rather, it takes exceptional endurance and excellence over the long haul.

“Choosing our Driver of the Year is always a difficult process—almost a photo-finish decision,” said NCI President, Jim Franck. “We select between 12 Drivers of the Month who are all exceptional, but Steve Dixon is truly a deserving winner. He’s consistently excellent across the board—in safety, customer service, productivity, and willingness to help get a troubled load delivered.” NCI driver of year Stephen Dixon

“It’s a great honor to be selected from among so many in our Elite Fleet,” said Dixon. “Considering NCI’s high standards, the achievement means a lot, but I also consider the job itself very rewarding. I’ve gotten to see so much of the country during my 12 years with NCI. I’ve run from California to the Bronx in New York City and everywhere in between!”

NCI spokesman, Ed Kentner, commented further on Dixon’s vital service. “Steve has made himself invaluable in delivering loads from our beef processing customers in Southwest Kansas to the boroughs of New York City. We have consistent miles and freight to the Northeast that meet Steve’s goals. By learning the area, he now helps other drivers heading to Hunts Point meat market and other delivery points.”
As Steve put it, “My philosophy has always been that once you learn a lesson, you pass it on to other drivers. Then they’ll pass it on, too.”
At the end of the day, it’s this attitude of service that really pushes Dixon to the front. He didn’t become number one by looking out for number one, but rather, by serving the interests of his customers and fellow drivers.

National Carriers offers refrigerated services throughout the lower 48 states and provides regional livestock operations within Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. Founded in 1968, the company has been a longtime leader in customer service and driver satisfaction.

Authored By:

Darin Williams