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Which Companies Offer Over the Road Trucking Jobs?

Many trucking companies offer different types of trucking jobs, such as local jobs or a specific trailer type accepted or type of material carried. You are able to search CDLjobs.com in a way that allows you to narrow down your search to better match your qualifications and the type of job you are seeking. Plus, if you are unaware of the history of some of the trucking companies currently hiring, we have a section of our site that gives you the company profiles and related valuable information. This valuable information allows you to better determine if that company or job position is right for your needs.

You will find that many of the truck driving jobs offered on our website offer extremely competitive pay and flexible home time to prevent burn out on the road. For example, you could make 55 cents per mile and be home every five weeks to spend a week or two with your family. This time off is important to prevent trucker burn out and depression from being away for weeks on end.

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