Jessie Burnette | Hirschbach Motor Lines

The Boys Talk All Things Iowa with Jessie Burnette

March 4, 2024 Written by Darin Williams
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The DRHH welcomes Jessie Burnette, Chief People Officer at Hirschbach Motor Lines. Jessie is our 2nd consecutive guest planning a wedding! In this episode, we discuss late-night footlong chili dogs in East Dubuque, Illinois; a mystery breakfast that Beach ate in Iowa, and Darin's upcoming 5K race.

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Today's Guest: Jessie Burnette - Hirschbach Motor Lines

Jessie began her tenure at Hirschbach in 2011 as the Director of Recruiting and has progressed through the company into her current role. Hirschbach is a 100% asset based refrigerated carrier with one of the newest, most technologically-advanced fleets on the road.

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