Hobbies for Over-the-Road Truck Drivers

truck driver walkingA truck driving job requires you to be away from home for sometimes weeks at a time. You may be on the road for up to 14 hours at a stretch. Once you arrive at your destination, you may have to wait several more hours for your truck to be unloaded or reloaded.

If you are new to trucking, you may wonder how you are going to fill all that time. Hobbies for truckers present an opportunity for you to pursue your interests and possibly improve yourself, even when you’re on the road for days or weeks at a time. There are truck driver hobbies that you can indulge in during rest breaks and even a few that you can do safely in the cab while driving.

Hobbies for Rest Breaks

As a truck driver, you are required to take long rest breaks. While sleeping should be a priority, it may not occupy all your downtime.

1. Collections

Cross-country driving gives you the opportunity to purchase souvenirs. Driving a truck allows you the opportunity to start a cool collection. Picking up something interesting or unique from every place you visit is a good way to keep track of where you have been, or you can collect something that holds particular interest for you. Coins and stamps are popular choices. It doesn't have to be something large, fancy or expensive; what's important is that it has personal meaning for you.

2. Arts and Crafts

Some truck drivers like to use their downtime to pursue the creative arts. Keep simple art materials in your truck, and you can try your hand at sketching or painting. A craft such as knitting allows you to make something that is not only beautiful but practical as well.

Some drivers may scoff at learning a "girly" skill like knitting, but it is a relaxing way to unwind at the end of the day, the required materials are easily portable, and you can make something like a sweater or a blanket that you'll be glad to have during cold winter nights in your truck.

3. Writing

Some people are more verbal than they are visual. If this is the case, you can express yourself through writing. You may keep a journal of your experiences on the road or try something that requires a bit more imagination, such as poetry or short stories.

4. Music

Some drivers entertain themselves by playing a musical instrument. If you do not yet know how to play an instrument, now may be a perfect time to learn. Taking lessons from a local instructor is possible but may not be practical. You need to find an instructor who is flexible enough to work around your work schedule when giving you lessons.

A better option may be to take advantage of the many resources available online, such as video tutorials. These resources allow you to learn an instrument on your own terms.

5. Exercise

Driving a truck keeps you sedentary for hours at a time. Rest breaks are an opportunity to get some exercise, which helps to keep you healthy and prevent you from gaining weight. You do not have to perform a workout that is long or intense. You can reap significant benefits from just a 30-minute walk every day.

In or around the cab, during rest breaks, you can perform push-ups, sit-ups, or lunges. A couple free weights don't take up much room and allow you to get in a little strength training.

Things to Do While Driving

Obviously, you are limited in the hobbies you can pursue while driving. You have to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road at all times. However, as long as your ears and your thoughts are free, there are still hobbies that you can pursue safely while behind the wheel of your vehicle.

1. Audiobooks

You may not have time to pick up a book and read following your driving shift. Fortunately, there is a vast library of audiobooks available in a number of formats, allowing you to choose the genres and authors that appeal to you the most. On average, an audiobook takes about 10 hours to listen to. Therefore, you may want to stock up on multiple titles before you leave because one audiobook can be completed in approximately one shift.

2. Podcasts

A podcast is like a talk radio broadcast that you can listen to on demand. Podcasts can be informational, entertaining, or a combination of both. You can find podcasts on almost any subject, and because podcasters are trying to reach a specific audience of enthusiasts, they often delve very deeply into the topic. For example, if you're interested in developing your career, you may benefit from listening to podcasts specifically about the trucking industry.

3. Language Programs

It can be useful to learn a second language, especially when your job takes you to so many different areas of the country. Bilingualism also helps improve critical thinking skills and memory. Audio language-learning programs are available to help you become bilingual while you drive your truck.

Always be careful while pursuing truck driver interests behind the wheel to ensure you do not become distracted. Observe all traffic laws and be sure to give the road the critical share of your attention.

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