Trucking and Showers - What You Need to Know

Truck Stop Showers

Showers are just as important for truck drivers as they are for everyone else. After hours and even days on the road, you deserve a nice hot shower to wash the grime and the stress away. 

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Showers While Trucking

Sign up for every truck stop reward program.

Showers at truck stops are expensive. While paying $11 or more for the occasional shower is probably acceptable to you, paying the same amount every time you shower is going to add up to a lot of money—wasted money, since you can often get free showers if you are part of a rewards program. Most major truck stops have rewards programs where you get free showers after a major fuel purchase. You might as well sign up for all of them, because you won’t always have a choice when it’s time to fuel up.

Protect your feet.

Showers, especially public showers, are the perfect breeding ground for biofilms. A biofilm is a collection of microorganisms that clump together. These biofilms often result from bacteria that is washed off of the bodies of shower users. The bacteria accumulates in a biofilm on the surface of the shower. If you have any cracks in your skin, such as dry heels or toes, the bacteria from the biofilm may be able to penetrate your body’s defenses.

The best way to protect your feet is to wear a pair of flip-flops in the shower. Some people will insist that they have showered in public showers with bare feet for years and never had a problem. And maybe they have. Or, they may have caught something they didn’t realize was from the shower. You should ignore these people and wear some foot coverings anyway.

Protect yourself from slips and falls.

One of the problems with public showers is that many are missing mats outside of the shower. Keeping mats clean is a task, which probably explains why some businesses selling showers do not provide mats. If there is no mat to step on after you emerge from the shower, it is extremely important that you watch your step until your feet are dry or you have your shoes back on.

Depending on how old you are, you may already practice some defensive maneuvers when you are on slippery surfaces like public showers. Or, you may have absolute trust in your balance and reactions. Whatever your approach, please remember that it only takes one slip and fall to cause serious damage to your body. Broken bones, ruined joints, back and neck injuries, head injuries and more are possible when you fall from standing to a hard surface.

Don’t always trust the hot/cold directions.

You would expect a business that includes showers in its offerings to ensure the plumbing was connected correctly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When you turn on the shower, you obviously need to give it time to heat up. Sometimes it can take several minutes, depending on how far away the hot water heater is. But if you have waited five minutes and the water is still ice cold, try reversing the direction of the temperature control. You may find that the hot water starts where the indication for “Cold” begins.

Be prepared to grab a shower when you can.

For a business so reliant on tight schedules, trucking can be frustratingly unpredictable. You may hook up as soon as possible, or you may sit around twiddling your thumbs for a full day before you can leave with your load. If you are going to get a shower, you need to have everything prepared ahead of time to seize unexpected opportunities. Pack a shower bag that includes everything you think you will need. If a chance pops up, you can grab your bag and go right away.

Know where you can grab a shower.

You are not always going to have access to your favorite truck stop. It can be helpful to know where showers are available in case you need another option. Public showers are often available at:

You Can Stay Clean on the Road

It may take some creativity from time to time, but you can stay clean on the road if you try. Please check out our blog for more useful tips for truck drivers. And if you are looking for a job, contact us. We are your source for trucking jobs!

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