Owner Operator Truck DriverIf you are an owner operator truck driver, then you understand the hardships of navigating the various trucking companies and truck driving jobs, but you must in order to keep your business afloat. Someone who is coming new into the industry, however, may not have the benefit of that experience, and may need to delve into the research that CDLjobs.com can provide. After all, many people who get into trucking may not fully understand the differences between being a company driver and having to provide for themselves as an owner operator.

What Does it Mean to Be an Owner Operator Truck Driver?

Simply put, no two truckng jobs are exactly alike. On one hand, there is the somewhat safer route of working for one of the trucking companies where, as a company driver, you never have to worry about your next job. They’ll have it all lined up, the rig is owned by them, and all you need to do is drive. As a “doublestuff,” or owner operator truck driver, the main difference is that instead of an employee, you’re a contractor. This usually means that you own your own rig, take your own jobs, and can generally run your own time.

Advantages of Self-Employment

One of the biggest advantages of being an owner operator truck driver is being able to take the jobs you want and work when it is easiest for your schedule. As a company driver, for example, you have to drive the routes that the carrier picks out for you based on the company’s range – be it local, regional, or cross country.

As the owner of your rig, you get to determine the trucking jobs that you want to take based on how long you’re willing to be away from home. During a period in your life when you might have a ton of scheduled family events, you can pick and choose. On the other hand, if your schedule is more open, you’re free to take the well-paying cross country jobs.

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How CDLjobs.com Can Help

Our role in the commercial trucking industry is to act as a facilitator for truck driving personnel and trucking companies hiring drivers. Using CDLjobs.com to post your resume, or browse for open jobs, and search companies is as easy as possible so that you can find the new career or contract you might need. With a number of companies and options open to you, we provide the very best resource for someone on the hunt for the right trucking company.

After all, being an owner operator truck driver is hard enough without having to hunt down contacts – let us do that for you!