Owner Operator Wanted | CDL JobsIf owner operators wanted trucking companies to know one thing, what would that be? Clearly, you are in a class above all others, you are able to work independently, as well as own your own rig. One of the hardest aspects of getting into the trucking industry is being able to be among the owner operators. You have achieved that distintiction. Now, what do you do with it and how do you get a job?

Trucking companies often look for Independent Contractors to handle a variety of their work, routes, and traffic in addition to using their regular company drivers for some of their truck driving jobs. CDLjobs.com puts drivers in contact with companies that are looking for their services.

How CDLjobs.com Helps You Find Companies With “Owner Operators Wanted” Ads

The entire point of our existence is education and connecting drivers with carriers. We provide a place for trucking companies to post their "Owner Operators Wanted" classifed ads, listing their hiring criteria. Owner Operators can browse the entire line up of open truck driving jobs to find the ones that best fit their needs or search all trucking companies hiring truck drivers.

Furthermore, if you’re an Owner Operator, you can post your skills and resume to other companies who might be in search of your services. The absolute best part of our website is that we offer these services for absolutely free. No trucker will ever be obligated to pay to access the resources they need to find the right job or company to improve their career.

Owner Operators Wanted

Get More Information about the Trucking Industry

In addition to providing a place for trucking companies to post their “Owner Operators wanted” ads, CDL jobs.com also offers an amazing array of information and advice regarding the trucking industry. If you are just getting into the trucking industry, this site is a great place to learn the ins and outs of the various routes and companies.

Furthermore, even if you’re an experienced veteran driver, reviewing this website can be helpful to you in brushing up on skills, or even finding new means of technology that you might not use or realize are valuable. Topics cover everything from the pros and cons of different routes to things like what to do in emergency situations, such as if you suspect human trafficking. Given that drivers can sometimes encounter a strange array of people over the road, having these tips and resources might literally be able to save your life or the life of someone else one day.

CDLjobs.com is Your Answer to Finding Your Next Trucking Driving Job!

Why continue to do something that doesn’t work? If you don’t enjoy your route or find that you need a change of pace or schedule, let CDLjobs.com help you find the owner operators wanted ads you need.