Truck Driving Jobs In TexasPeople enter the transportation industry for a variety of reasons, but there are many things to know about truck driving jobs in Texas. As one of the largest states in the Union, the Lone Star State is deeply involved with the trucking industry on many levels. Often a company will focus on the local level, which can still mean hauling goods and products a few days away just to get to the other side of the state. Other companies offer trucking jobs which keep you inside their city, moving large deliveries only a few miles; still others, meanwhile, use Texas’ south-central location to act as a perfect hub of transit for truck driving jobs that go across the entire continental United States.

Truck driving jobs in Texas and their options

Most drivers come into the industry for CDL jobs in one of two ways: either as an independent contractor or as a company driver on someone’s payroll. There are pros and cons to each type of work. Both types, however, force you to deal with the issue of determining how far away from home you would be willing to travel.

There are, of course, many truck driving jobs in Texas which can keep you local and let you spend time with your family, while many other jobs require you to be gone for extended periods of time. Often, the difference is money. Typically, the jobs which are a larger disruption to your normal life also pay more.

So what is the benefit of being an independent driver?

As an Owner Operator, also know as “Oreo,” or O/O, you get to be your own boss. Essentially, you may act as a subcontractor to a company and picking and choosing between the various contracts for the ones that you want to take. There are some cons to this, however, as you’ll be required to keep and maintain your own truck, as well as insurance for yourself.

And what are the benefits of working company truck driving jobs in Texas?

One of the main benefits is, simply, that the carrier owns the truck. The company is responsible for any insurance, maintenance, repairs, or replacement; all you have to do is drive. These jobs, however, often pay less because the company is covering the cost of insurance, benefits for you, and so forth.

No matter what type of trucking job you’re looking for, can help you find the right company that fits your needs, your finances, and your experience. Our site will allow you to filter your search of company profiles by companies hiring In Texas, as well as other factors. The right truck driving jobs in Texas are just within your reach!

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